Graceful Runner

      by Meredith Eugene Hunt

Part one of the contemplative thriller, Universal Man

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Love and friendship, greed and lust, 

hope and life, death and fear.

Everything and everyone are what they seem . . .


Set in the Pacific Northwest, Graceful Runner is volume one 

of the three part novel, Universal Man. This new, second edition 

contains a preface and original black & white photographs 

made by the author, some of which are location shots.   218 pages.


Dramatis personæ

(In order of appearance)

Mindy Sterne, a senior in college, majoring in Mass Communications.

Elisabeth Telford, a college freshman who runs.

Dr. Bennett Uchida, a young widowed surgeon in love with Mindy.

Miriam Sterne, Dr. Sterne’s wife and Mindy’s mother.

—her grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

Dr. Eberhardt Sterne, a family practice physician and Mindy’s father.

—he  founded The Chinook Assembly, a retreat center in Western Oregon.

Anselm Sterne, Mindy’s younger brother.

Bernardo Armentrout, a high school student who was orphaned.

Talus Schenk, a Theater Arts major in college who works for Dr. Ponder.

Mr. Stanley Timmons, a first year high school  English teacher.

Dr. Telford, Elisabeth’s father—a PhD in International Relations.

Sarah Timmons, Stan’s younger sister.

Thomas Duckwitz, a talented actor—a college freshman Theater student.

Franklin, a man with ties to the crime underworld.

Dr. Mark Ponder, an OB-GYN.

Theodore, a counselor at a special summer camp.

Gene, a 21 year old man paralyzed by polio.


  …their lives overflowing with grace rejected and embraced.