The Chinook Assembly

      by Meredith Eugene Hunt

Part two of the contemplative thriller, Universal Man


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A bereaved young man becomes an uncatchable assassin. A mysterious group “arrests” abortion doctors to put them on trial. The corrupt government in power struggles to maintain control.


The Chinook Assembly is volume two of the three part novel, 

Universal Man. This new, second edition contains original black & white photographs made by the author, some of which are location shots.  

Part one of the series is Graceful Runner.   256 pages.


“Consider joining in some of the 300 events of one of the largest folk life festivals in North America, happening here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  The annual 4-day Northwest Folkfest has been running strong on Memorial Day weekend for 29 years.  The Folkfest promotes the vitality and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest through dance and music, cooking demonstrations, youth activities, films, panel discussions, traditional and contemporary artwork, and storytelling representative of the distinct ethnic cultures and communities of our region.  The 2017 festival’s theme, Truth in Beauty, celebrates the shared elements within the aesthetic expressions of the different communities and groups that participate in the festival.  Many of the venues are outside.  Admission to all events is free.


The Chinook Assembly, host of Northwest Folkfest, sponsors more than 20 weekend cultural events throughout the year.  Northwest Folkfest  is produced with the generous support of Colovista  Bank, Verity Wireless, KPBU 88.7 Public Radio, and Western Oregon Solarian Dealers.  Additional support is provided by the Oregon Center Foundation and the City of Portland.”

                                                -from the Chinook Assembly's website